Hear Healy

In our last post, “Cross-Blogination,” you may have noticed that USGS.gov titled the article we wrote for them “The Otherworldly Sights and Sounds of the Arctic.” There were a few pictures to help you see what was described in the article, but there was no sound. Today we bring you the other half of the title.

The whooshing sound is slushy ice sliding along the hull and the loud bangs are large chunks of ice that were left in the trail cut by the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Louis S. St-Laurent. If you have served aboard a ship you know just how amazingly strange it is to hear this sound. On most ships you only hear this kind of sound once. The sound that follows is usually some kind of alarm. Having stood inside the bow recording this audio, I believe the word violent best describes the noise.

The audio was captured from inside the bow of the Healy.

(U.S. Coast Guard audio clip by Petty Officer Patrick Kelley)


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