Arctic Exchange

FN Michael MiozziARCTIC OCEAN – Fireman Mike Miozzi (right) returns to the Coast Cutter Healy after spending the day aboard the Canadian Coast Guard Ship Louis S. St-Laurent Aug. 17, 2009.

While Miozzi was on the Laurent a few Canadian Coast Guardsmen toured the Healy.  The ships have been exchanging personnel for the last few days to help crewmembers of both vessels develop a better understanding of how each ship is operated and maintained.

Miozzi, an Exeter, R.I., native, has been stationed on the Healy for nearly a year and is working to become a machinery technician.  As a member of the Healy’s main propulsion engineering division, the Laurent’s machinery spaces were what he was most interested in exploring.

“Their engine room is much different than ours.  Here most of our machinery occupies its own space, but on the Laurent almost all of their equipment and machinery is in the same space,” Miozzi said.  The design reminded him of the Coast Guard’s 378-foot cutters, he said.

While his main objective was merely to have a look at the Laurent, Miozzi found his way into a bit of work.  “I got to clean a few duplex strainers that were in their sludge system,” he said.  “It worked the same way over there as it does here: shift the flow to the strainer that is not being worked on, open up the strainer you need to clean, remove the basket, rinse it off, put the basket back in and close it up,” he said.  “I didn’t exactly go over there and change out an engine, but it was pretty cool to be more than just a tourist,” he said.

Even though the engine room was impressive, it wasn’t what stood out most to Miozzi.  “The people on the Laurent were so professional and welcoming that I felt like I was a part of their crew,” he said.  “The next time they have a few people come over here I am going to volunteer to give them a tour to return the favor,” he said.

There was one other thing that Miozzi couldn’t help but notice.  “They have a bar that’s open from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.,” he said.  “I’m pretty sure that’s why we had to leave at 7 p.m.,” he said.

(U.S. Coast Guard photos and story by Petty Officer Patrick Kelley)

Return flight



  1. Great job Mike!! It was wonderful to see the pictures and read your comments.
    Looking forward to more information about your adventures. Thanks USCG for posting news and photos!

  2. […] not only with scientific research but also personnel. CGC Healy recently started a blog and posted an entry highlighting a recent exchange (note the bar onboard the Louis S. St-Laurent… yes, as in […]

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